Thank you for the excellent experience at Kiwanis Island today for Early Voting. Everyone was polite and helpful. The path to vote was smooth and well organized. Your poll workers were friendly and kind to me and my husband who has mobility challenges. We really appreciate your good work!
~Mary H.

All of you are working so hard and doing such a great job. Thank you for all of your work.
~Deborah W.

I just want to commend the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections Office for the great job they do. The website is packed with tons of useful information & easy to navigate through. Also, my election day experience at my polling place was pleasant, organized, & very quick to complete my process. I was in & out in under 10 minutes!! I can't wait to do it again in November. Thank You Lori Scott for your leadership of this office.
~Troy N.

Thank you Lori & staff for making our county a safe & accurate election!! If everyone ran their office like yours we would all have peace of mind that our elections are safe & accurate!!
~Debby SK.

Thank you for your service Lori Scott ..... You do an AMAZING job for us here in Brevard County!
~Dwayne M.

Way to go Lori Scott! You have been, and hopefully will remain for a long time, a GREAT SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS! Brevard County is always smooth sailing on Election Days thanks to you and your fantastic staff!
~Maggie S.

I just wanted to compliment the voter website. I requested a mail in ballot through the upcoming General Election. This was the easiest and most straight forward website I have visited in a long while. Great job!
~Bradley S.

I’ve been a long-term Brevard resident/voter and I’ve always been impressed with your honesty, integrity and work ethic. I’m certain you’ll continue to make Brevard voters proud!
~ Kathy O.

Thank you for getting us thru this election with honesty and integrity- what a thankless job you have- never again will your work be taken for granted.
~Michelle E.

Lori- You and your people have done an outstanding job this election cycle. Thanks.
~William P.

Thank you for processing my mail ballot in a timely manner!!! Keep up the outstanding work. Our country needs you now more than ever.
~Edward B.

Your team did an OUTSTANDING job during the entire election season. The web site gave us accurate information and was very easy to use. As a taxpayer, I consider the Supervisor of Elections Office for Brevard County to be a value. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for a job done with pride.
~Edward R.

Thanks so much for doing a great job during presidential election. Plenty of instructions on the website, up to date info and sufficient drop boxes! Thanks again!
~Teresa P.

Having moved to Florida last year I was curious about the voting experience in Brevard County. My wife and I chose to early vote at the Kiwanis Park on Friday and I’m pleased to report that the team working there was awesome; everything was very organized and efficient. We left feeling confident that your Voting system is sound and secure and appreciate the hard work of your team.
~Bob S.

I voted Tuesday just before lunch at the Kiwanis Park gymnasium. It was very easy, well run and the sanitation practices made me feel safe. Thanks to everyone for taking the time during this pandemic to help ensure that every vote is counted. Great job! Muchly appreciated.
~Roger G.

Lori and staff; We used the early voting today in Satellite Beach Community center and it was a great experience!! We were there for about 15 minutes. Your multiple workers were efficient and helpful. Thanks and appreciation to your entire team for making Brevard County shine.
~Jackie S.

Thank you, all, for a great experience using this website to request mail-in ballots and to receive their status. A pleasure!
~Lynn W.

I voted this morning at Wickham Park. Nothing could have been better organized and so safe. Well done.
~Dave B.

Voted on Monday in Cocoa – super efficient and easy process!! Thank you for the real-time wait information – really took the guess work out!! Everyone was professional and friendly, and I felt totally safe.
~Tara S.

I voted today in Viera and I was extremely impressed not only how well organized everything was but how nice and helpful everyone working there was.
~Richard P.

I was impressed by the job Supervisor of Elections did on ensuring voter and poll worker safety. Kudos to poll workers. I big hand for all the poll workers who, as usual were mostly seniors, so their courage is admirable. In addition, poll workers all wore PPE and nothing was reusable except the booths. You signed in with a Q-tip which was then thrown away. You were given a pen. You are given the ballot with a sign you leave in the booth indicating it is ready for cleaning which you leave after you vote. You can keep the pen or recycle it. Polls opened at 8am and we were out by 8:10. I have to give Supervisor of Elections great credit for making it so simple and doing whatever was needed to ensure our safety. It was all very impressive. Cheers
~Kathryn C.

You guys are terrific! Not only do you get the most important things right, like emailing us in Europe with our ballots and offering FAX return (which is infinitely faster, safer, and cheaper than post mail), but you answer all our questions with the most polite responses that make me feel good because you compliment me for voting! Great job!
~Kathleen W.

Yesterday I went in person to vote. I was very impressed. I felt safer at my Polling station than I do when I need to go to the grocery store or Wally World. Everyone was social distancing, wore masks, I was given my own pen to use, and a card to leave at my booth to let someone know to clean it when I was done. Very good job!
~Debora M.

Lori Scott and her team are to be commended for a well-run election process.
~Georgia H.

I voted today. It was an exceptional experience. Brevard county’s approach should be the model for the entire nation. Well done.
~David B.

Our Supervisor of Elections, Lori Scott, has, again, knocked it out of the park with an extremely efficient, accessible, and easy-to-vote election...and this time...ultra-safe for the public during COVID. SO IMPRESSED!!
~Courtney B.

Just wanted to say thank you for a smooth and easy process. I voted early and my sister voted today. Both of us agree, everyone was kind, they were careful and and above all made us feel safe. It was quick and easy! Thank you. See you in November!
~Carissa F.

Hello Lori, J. Brewer, precinct 505. Your team there was kind and efficient - even at 6:45 p.m. Thank you for continuing to lead well and provide an exemplary voting experience. Cheers!
~Jay B.

Thanks for the job your team and you did Lori! Easy and enjoyable voting experience today. Thanks to your poll workers, mostly those in a demographic susceptible to contracting this virus. They rocked!
~Geo R.

My husband could not believe how easy it was to vote, how clean and safe it was. Satellite Beach just rocks!!
~Kerry H.

My husband and I voted at the Kiwanis Island location and were again very pleased. From the safe distancing and masking encouraged, the Q-tips and pens provided for signatures and ballot marking to the "Please clean me" signage left at each booth after every voter, we were extremely impressed with the excellent organized, safe and gracious service provided by your office. Please know your good work and that of your employees and volunteers is greatly appreciated!
~Mary H.

Voted this morning at the Riverside Presbyterian Church location in Cocoa Beach and just wanted to say Thank You to all of the Volunteers and Staff that made it a completely pleasant, safe and clean experience.
~Stephen L.

Voting experience: I just came from the polling place. Brevard County has done an outstanding job of creating a touchless environment. Including cotton swab signing, no touch of driver license, individual pen for each voter to mark their ballots and a plastic sign left after voting to insure sanitary wipe down of the cubical. No fears of Covid issues here! GREAT JOB.
~Martin W.

I just returned from voting at my precinct. I just wanted to thank you for the extraordinary experience. The poll workers were universally friendly, efficient and professional. The area was immaculate. I felt safer there than at Publix (and I feel pretty safe there!!) In short, you make me proud to be a Brevard registered voter! Thank you for all you do.
~Jim D.

This morning my wife and I went to vote at our polling place which is Bowe Gardens Baptist Church 2700 Sarno rd. Melbourne. Your personnel greeted us and explained what we needed to do for our safety. These workers went above and beyond their job. In 50 plus years of voting this was the most pleasant of them all. Great work.
~Don H.

I just voted at Kiwanis Island and I have to say your team is doing everything right! Very impressed, safer than going to any store.
~Richard S.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get registered and updated during my time in Brevard. You all do a fantastic job of keeping all voters informed. Have a great election season and I hope all of your families stay happy and healthy through these challenging times.
~Robert K.

WOW! Totally impressed! Thank you all SO much for the covid protection protocols! I was so nervous about voting and what it would be like. The long qtip to sign the keypad was GENIUS. That is one of my big fear things, the signing pen used over and over and never cleaned. Qtip solved that! The whole deal, the distancing, the please clean me signs for the booths, one and done pens, the way everyone took great care to not touch anything I had to touch, all in masks! Can't thank you all enough! Now I'm not so afraid about having to vote in November!
Thank you!

When I have had reason to call your office, I have always found your staff to be very friendly and professional. I appreciate the fact that your office informs me when my ballot has been received. It puts my mind at ease. Keep on doing what you’re doing because you guys do it so very well.
~Bob G.

Thank you and the entire office for running such a professional and transparent office. I regularly tell people how lucky we are in Brevard to have such a good Elections office!
~Bridget M.

You guys do a fantastic job. When I relocated (back to Brevard where I grew up), I was impressed with your orderly process and cheerful workers. I am choosing to vote by mail now because of my underlying conditions in today’s C-19 environment. But while I was on your site, I just wanted to give you a pat on the back.
~Charlene M.

Thank you and all your staff for the postcard encouraging vote by mail.
~Marshall W.

When this virus started in March we had an election on the 17th. I am a poll election clerk for the Brevard Supervisor of Elections, Lori Scott and also worked early voting. Lori made sure all precautions were taken and voters understood these precautions and came out to vote.
~Pam M.

We are so fortunate to have such a competent SOE. Thank you.
~Sol E.

You guys do such a good job in ‘normal’ times too, but what you and your team is doing now and will have to do in the coming months will be a great challenge and I know you are up to it. I for one, have total confidence in elections in Brevard County.
~Jack K.

Once again, smooth operation, friendly professional staff and special thanks to our SOE Lori Scott for a job well done.
~Jeffrey W.

Great Leadership Madam Supervisor!
~ Donna M.

Great Job (again) running a fair, smooth election!
~ Scott C.

Awesome job, Lori and team! Vote by Mail is the best!
~Kimberly A.

Shout out for the awesome poll workers in Rockledge at the fire station! They always do a great job and this year was no different! They’re always so cordial, so professional and so pleasant! And it makes voting so much more comfortable!
~Tod M.

Your Indian Harbor Beach poll workers were fantastic! Loved how they cheered for the young people voting for the first time!
~Clarissa Harrell

In the almost 4 years we've been back in Brevard, registration and voting has always been a good experience. Thanks for making things run so smoothly.
~Richard A.

Thank you Lori for all your efforts to offer early voting. It is such a nice convenience and so appreciated.
~ Debbie B.

I love that you added these drop off boxes! Makes voting even easier.
~Lisa C.

We voted early yesterday, easy in & out.
~Debbie R.

Great leadership yields fabulous results…46 minute results! THAT'S how to run an election.
~Joy R.

Thank you for all that you do for the citizens of Brevard to have fair and safe elections.
~Evelyn S.

An excellent, well-laid out and informative website. Congratulations on one of the best I've seen.
~Steven S.

The entire office of the Supervisor of Elections does an outstanding job. Your website is so easy to use. I feel very comfortable with the competence and diligence of Brevard County's voting process and the people affiliated with it.
~Margaret S.

You rock Madam Supervisor! So proud to live in a Florida County that is so proactive!!!!
~Donna M.

Awesome job…thank you Lori Scott, you are truly appreciated.
~Dwayne M.

Go Lori and the amazing Elections team!!
~Liz A.

Love you Lori Scott and thank our Brevard County Elections Office for doing such a wonderful job.
~Terry D.

Thank you and your team for all the hard work on the voter's behalf.
~Valerie O.

Good job Lori Scott and staff!
~Arnie B.

You were awesome last night. Thank you so much. You and your staff are so amazing!
~Janice C.

Thank you, Lori, for taking charge of this school drive every year. Very giving and caring!
~John M.

Lori, you set a wonderful example of community leadership!
~Kay B.

A big thank you to you and your office for supporting such a wonderful project year after year.
~Dan B.

Brevard is so lucky to have you as our Supervisor of Elections!
~Jo H.

We're all so very proud of the work and dedication you have given for us. Well done and keep up the great work, Lori.
~Bradley R.

You and your group are outstanding!
~Bob P.

Awesome job. Your office is so well run. Great job to all.
~Luanne B.

Thank you, Lori Scott, and your crew for a wonderful job always.
~Terry D.

The entire Supervisor of Elections staff in Brevard County is fabulous - we are fortunate to have them and Lori looking out to engage the constituents in a positive manner.
~Dawn B.

I am grateful for all of Brevard County Supervisor of Elections hard work and dedication to our community. Thank you to Lori Scott and her staff for advocating for community and individual rights and freedoms - your work is admirable.
~Nicholas I.

I wanted to send you and your team a quick note of thanks for a job well done! I voted early this year and the experience was awesome. I have never voted outside of Brevard, but I can't imagine ever finding a better Supervisor of Elections anywhere! Keep up the good work!
~Jason L.

Kudos to Lori Scott and her staff for doing their job so efficiently and so honestly!
~Michael H.

God Bless Ms. Scott and her team of professionals!
~ Larry F.

Great job from you and all of your staff!!!
~Daniel W.

Thank you all for the work you do year-round to make sure our votes are always counted. Brevard County voters have faith and confidence in you all. Voting is one of our most sacred freedoms, so the work you do really matters! Thank you!
~Jo Solley H.

We in Brevard County have the best Supervisor of Elections in the entire Country. Thank you, Lori Scott for a job well done.
~Heriberto H.

Lori Scott and all the folks at the Supervisor of Elections office are appreciated for doing an excellent job of conducting the election in our county. I am proud to say I live in Brevard!
~Greg F.

Thank you for all you did to make my vote count. You and your team are awesome.
~Pedro C.

I want to tell you and your staff how much I appreciate living in a county where my vote is protected by the highly respected Brevard County election process. Thanks for the continuing excellence. Job Well Done!
~Gary H.

I am a snowbird who requested a mail ballot. I received my ballot in a timely manner I returned it as directed. I was able to check receipt of my ballot and determine that it was counted. This I did with ease on your website. Your office is efficient and professional. Thank you for your service to our community.
~Ronald R.

Thank you all for your dedication to excellence and your desire to be timely and transparent for the betterment of the citizens of Brevard County.
~Tod M.

Thank you, Lori Scott and your team, for doing an incredible job! You make us proud to be Brevardians!!
~Franck K.

We need to clone you, Lori Scott. WE need effective, honest leadership with integrity like yours to oversee the SEO offices throughout Florida. Thank you for your hard work and that of your staff.
~Valerie O.

Lori Scott is an example of how this system works...she and her staff get it right time and time again. Thank you for the great team you have built, Lori.
~Marcia M.

Congratulations on a great night! Thank you to you and your staff for all your hard work!
~Debbie M.

Thank you for all the great work you and your staff have done in this wild election cycle. Brevard is lucky to have you.
~Robert L.

I got my son-in-law to vote for the first time. He told me how impressed he was with the organization and atmosphere at his polling place. Great job!!
~Melody B.

Awesome job Lori Scott!
~Bob P.

Thank you for running another great election this week. I have lived in a lot of places and have not seen a better operation than yours. Thank you for the hard work you put into ensuring election day runs smoothly.
~Ed K.

Voting has never been easier. You run a tight ship! And your staff are awesome.
~Courtney B.

Great job Lori. I have been consistently impressed with the work you and your SOE staff do for all residents in Brevard County.
~Westanna B.

So proud of you and your staff...thanks for a well-run office.
~Georgia H.

Steady line but the polls were very well organized, and everyone moved through efficiently. WE have a Great Supervisor of Elections. Thank you Lori Scott for the great job you do for Brevard County.
~Don H.

Thank you Lori Scott for all you and your staff do for Brevard County.
~Laura Jae H.

Just wanted to give kudos to Ms. Scott for an awesome election performance.
~Keevan T.

Let me thank and congratulate you and your fine team of dedicated workers to make this difficult and demanding midterm election a success!
~Deborah B.

I had a great experience at the polls yesterday. Thanks for you and your team's hard work.
~Valerie O.

Thank you for having a method to check the status of my mail in ballot on your website; it gave me peace of mind in under a minute!
~Ron B.

Lori, I voted today at your Titusville location. Everything was running like clockwork. Thank you for making it such an easy process. I think you are going to see record turnouts this election, if you haven't already.
~Jody D.

It is very smooth voting Thursday at Max Rodes Park. Your representatives were very friendly and competent.
~Robert L.

Lori Scott is Doing A FANTASTIC JOB!
~Mary M.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to the elections office and its workers for setting up and operating such a well-organized early-voting site in Viera. This is the second time I've utilized this early-voting site and each time I have been impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of the workers and how the process was quick and easy.
I'm looking forward to using this facility again in the future.
~Linda L.

Good morning. I voted earlier this week at Kiwanis Park. I want to pass along my compliments. It was very well organized and very well staffed. There was almost no wait. A model on how to run an election polling site.
~Andrew R.

I'm an expat living in The Netherlands and I just wanted to say that I appreciate your office notifying me that you have received my ballot. It gives me peace of mind.
~Bob G.

Just received my ballot in the mail and couldn't be happier to find we got stickers!! I have always voted and once injured mailing the ballots was much easier than standing in lines, but I WANTED the "I voted" sticker!! Couldn't be more thrilled!! Thank you for understanding how much it means to many of us to vote and how proud we are to say so!!
~Sheryll P.

Thank you for all the hard work!
~Norm M.

You, and your SOE staff, rock the Brevard County Elections.
~Westanna B.

Thank u for keeping Brevard voters so well informed.
~Karen H.

You're doing such a great job Lori Scott!
~Keith K.

It is a really nice site and I like the general information but like the kid’s section best.
~Jan S.