Polling Place and Early Voting Site Regulations

Persons Allowed in Polling Place and Early Voting Sites

(Florida Statutes 102.031)

The polling room or early voting site is the place where electors cast their votes. The list of persons permitted in the polling place and early voting areas is defined in Section 102.031, Florida Statutes, as:

  • Persons there to vote
  • The Supervisor of Elections and/or his or her deputy
  • Election clerks and inspectors
  • Official poll watchers
  • Persons in the care of a voter
  • Persons caring for a voter
  • Law enforcement officers and/or emergency service personnel (with the permission of the Clerk or a majority of the inspectors)
  • Persons assisting with or participating in simulated elections for minors

Election boards have the full authority to maintain reasonable control and decorum at the polls including directing or removing persons within the polling room who otherwise are disrupting the electoral process.

Solicitation Area

(Florida Statutes 102.031)

No person, political committee, or other group or organization may solicit voters inside the polling place or early voting site or within 150 feet of the entrance to any polling place, an early voting site, or an office of the Supervisor of Elections where vote-by-mail ballots are requested and printed on demand for the convenience of electors who appear in person to request them.  Before the opening of the polling place or early voting site, the Clerk or Supervisor shall designate the no-solicitation zone and mark the boundaries.

Poll Watchers

(Florida Statutes 101.131)

Use of Electronic Devices by Poll Watchers

Poll watchers are approved initially by the Supervisor of Elections and are subject to the reasonable control of local election boards as are other individuals within the polling room or early voting site. As a poll watcher, they are acting in an official capacity within the polling place or early voting site and should look, act and be impartial and fair, thus avoiding any thought or suggestion of undue influence or impropriety. Poll watchers shall pose any questions regarding the polling place procedures directly to the Clerk for resolution. They may not interact with voters. Each poll watcher shall be a qualified and registered elector of Brevard County.

Prohibited Campaign Material

Prohibited political advertisements or campaign paraphernalia for both poll workers and poll watchers include the following: clothing, buttons, hats, wristbands, badges and other similar items that promote the election or defeat of a candidate or issue or engages in campaign sloganeering associated with any party, candidate or issue. For example, any letter (e.g., "W"), phrase (e.g., "Every Voter Counts" or "Flip-Flop"), or any other indications that is or has become directly or indirectly associated with a political party, candidate or group. Wearing of campaign or political advertisements by electors is not a violation unless the wearer makes overtures at the polling place/early voting site in advocacy of a particular candidate or his/her views regarding an issue on the ballot.

Items Permitted and Disallowed for Electors

(Florida Statutes 104.19)

Electors may take papers or other aids into the voting booth to refresh their memory and assist in expediting the voting process provided such use does not appear to be part of a concerted effort by an individual or group to subvert the normal election process. According to Section 104.19(1)(a), Florida Statutes, it is unlawful for any person casting a ballot to use stickers or rubber stamps or to carry into a voting booth any mechanical device, paper or memorandum which might be used to affect adversely the normal voting process. Violation is punishable as a second degree misdemeanor.

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