Frequently Ask Election Related Questions


I want to change my political party and update my address, how do I do that?

You may update your voter information at any time, but political party changes must be made by book closing, which occurs 29 days before an election, to be in effect for that election.

Name, signature, or political party changes must be submitted on a voter registration application or online. Address updates may be submitted on a voter registration application or by calling or emailing the Election Office. You will need to provide your Florida Driver License or Florida ID card number, or the last four digits of your Social Security number for verification.

What voting equipment is used?

Election Systems & Software (ES&S) DS200 optical scanners (tabulators) and ExpressVote ADA ballot marking devices are at all Early Voting and Election Day polling sites. High-speed, central count scanners, DS850's, are used to tabulate Mail Ballots. All voters in Brevard vote using a paper ballot.

Do I have to vote in all the races?

No. The ballot scanner will count all the races you marked, even if some are left blank.

What if I vote for too many candidates in a race?

If you're voting in person, the ballot scanner will alert you that you have "overvoted" and allow you the opportunity to receive a new ballot or cast the ballot as is. If you cast a mail ballot with an overvote, it will count that race as an overvote.

Can I change my ballot once it has been cast?

No. Once your ballot has been scanned and accepted by the optical scanner, or your mail ballot has been deposited in a secure ballot intake station, or mailed to the Election Office, it is deemed cast.

What if I can’t make it to the polls on Election Day?

In Florida there are three methods for voters to cast their ballot in an election – Early Voting, Vote-by-Mail, or on Election Day. The Florida Legislature made no excuse voting by mail available to all voters in 2001. In 2004, the Legislature signed the law creating Early Voting in Florida.

If I requested a Mail Ballot, can I change my mind and vote in person?

Yes. Please bring your Mail Ballot packet to the polls and you will be issued an Early Voting or precinct ballot when you check in.

How do I know if my ballot has been counted?

If you vote by mail, you can track your ballot on to see when your voted ballot has been received and counted. When you vote in person, the screen on the tabulator indicates that your ballot has been accepted.

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