Poll Worker General Information

Do you want to serve your community, meet new people, and earn some money? Become a part of our elite group of dedicated Poll Workers!

More than 1,200 citizens in Brevard County serve as Poll Workers for the Supervisor of Elections to ensure that fair and accurate elections are conducted. On Election Day, we count on these civic-minded individuals to efficiently process voters, provide assistance (including language assistance), and guide voters on the proper use of Brevard's voting equipment.  It’s a great day to serve your community. It’s a day to feel proud to be an American.

Poll workers are selected and appointed by the Supervisor of Elections. Each precinct has an election team, which includes a Clerk, Precinct Tech, Precinct Deputy, Inside Deputy, Ballot Box Inspector, Ballot Distributors, and several EViD Operators.

Requirements to be a Poll Worker

Poll Workers must:

  • Be a registered voter in Brevard County.
  • Complete the I-9 employment eligibility verification form (Effective 1/21 - new poll workers only).
  • Provide a Social Security number, which will be required prior to employment and used solely for the purpose of payroll eligibility.
  • Be able to read, write and communicate in English.
  • Attend mandatory training prior to each election worked.
  • Not be a candidate, or the immediate family member of a candidate, on the ballot of the election that you are working.
  • Remain nonpartisan while serving as a poll worker.
  • Be able to arrive at the assigned polling place by 5:30 a.m.
  • Be able to work a long, 14+ hour day.  (You may not leave and return to the polling place.)
  • Be computer literate and provide an active email account.
  • Be customer service oriented.
  • Be able to lift 15-30 lbs.
  • Serve all voters promptly, courteously, and with sensitivity to voters with special needs.

Do I get paid for being a Poll Worker?

Yes. Poll Workers receive a lump sum pay which includes training pay. Election Day pay varies from $200-$340 per election, depending on the position assigned. Checks are mailed 2 to 3 weeks after each election. You will have the option of direct deposit, or a regular check issued by mail.  Again, your poll worker pay includes working Election Day and attending all required training. Absent an emergency, you must serve in your designated position on Election Day to receive compensation for training.

Is training required?

Yes. Florida Statutes require that all poll workers receive training before each election. The training is mandatory for all poll workers assigned to work, as well as alternates.  Training is provided through on line and in-person training.  Additional training may be required, based on your assigned position. These sessions are held during the month preceding both the primary and the general elections.  An active email account is required.  You will not be able to work if you do not attend and complete your required training.

What are the work hours on Election Day?

All poll workers must be at their assigned polling place by 5:30 a.m. on Election Day to prepare the polling place for voting. Florida law requires polls to be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Parking spaces adjacent to polling places should be left for voters. Everyone should come prepared for the entire day, bringing lunch, dinner and any other necessities such as medicine, etc. No one may leave the polling place during the day. Personal cell phones are not to be used in the polling room.  Poll Workers will close the polls and perform post-election responsibilities which includes packing up. No one is released until all election board tasks are completed and the Clerk authorizes the dismissal, usually around 8:00 p.m. Election Day is very long and will require patience and constant attention to your duties. However, Poll Workers are provided with scheduled breaks and a lunch period determined by the Precinct Clerk. If the polling hours are extended due to Court or Executive Order, the Clerk will be notified of the mandatory extended time. All Poll Workers are required to stay until the final closing.

What are the Poll Worker positions?

Please note that the positions listed indicate an overview of the responsibilities performed. Additional knowledge, skills, and abilities may be applicable for individual positions.

Clerk - Manages all operations at the polling place in accordance with Florida law; has additional responsibilities before Election Day. Must be comfortable working with electronic equipment. Primary contact between Supervisor of Elections office (SOE) and polling place. Confirms poll worker availability to work and attend mandatory training. Visits assigned polling place the day before election to ensure general supplies have been delivered and performs equipment set up and testing. Performs opening and closing procedures; oversees voting process; ensures order is maintained and communicates with SOE office to resolve voter eligibility issues. Processes voters at Assistance Table through an electronic poll book. Election night: transmits election results by modem and returns specific supplies to assigned Receiving Center with additional poll worker. Has additional responsibilities after the polls close.

Precinct Tech - Assists with precinct set up and equipment testing the day before election day. Responsible for troubleshooting all voting equipment at the polling place. Must possess a general working knowledge of electronic equipment. Responsible for the set up and shut down of assigned voting equipment. Aids voters requiring use of the ExpressVote (voter assistance terminal). Assists in conflict resolution; communicates with SOE to resolve issues; performs duties of Clerk, as needed. Returns specific election supplies election night to assigned Receiving Center with the Clerk. Alternates position with Ballot Box and Inside Deputy, as necessary. Has additional responsibilities after the polls close.

Precinct Deputy - Deputized by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and follows instructions from the Clerk. Responsible for properly marking the “no solicitation” zone and setting up signs outside the polling place in the morning and taking them down at night. During the day, remains outside at the entrance of the polling place to greet voters and maintain an orderly flow of voter traffic. Maintains order outside the polling place, ensures compliance with the “no solicitation” zone, and that the polling room is accessible to all voters. Ensures that political activities outside the polling site meet legal requirements. Alternates position with Inside Deputy, as necessary. Has additional responsibilities after the polls close.

Inside Deputy - Assists the Precinct Deputy in posting and removal of all signs and marking the “no solicitation" zone. During the day, stationed inside the polling room and ensures orderly flow of voter traffic. Directs voters to check-in station as they enter for assistance. Removes items left by voters inside voting booths or the polling room. Alternates position with Precinct Deputy, as necessary. Has additional responsibilities after the polls close.

EViD Operator - Assists the Precinct Tech in set up and shut down of assigned voting equipment. Must be comfortable working with electronic equipment. Greets voters and verifies voter identification and signature. Processes voters at check-in through an electronic poll book. Ensures that each voter signs the signature pad and is issued a voting pass. Directs voters requiring additional assistance to the Voter Assistance Table. Has additional responsibilities after the polls close.

Ballot Box Inspector - Assists the Clerk in set up and shut down of assigned voting equipment. Must be comfortable working with electronic equipment. Stationed at the Ballot Box to instruct voters on how to use the voting equipment and assists in troubleshooting. Collects privacy folders from voters who have cast their ballot and hands out “I Voted” stickers. Has additional responsibilities after the polls close.

Ballot Distributor - Responsible for performing opening and closing ballot audits. Receives voting pass from voters and ensures the voter receives their specific ballot. Provides instructions to voters on the proper way to mark their ballot. Assists clerk in reconciling the number of ballots cast with the number of ballots issued. Has additional responsibilities after the polls close.

How do I vote if I do not work in my home precinct?

Poll Workers are encouraged to Vote by Mail or Early Vote since there is no guarantee you will be assigned to your home precinct on Election Day. Early voting is available at select locations throughout the County. Here is the complete list of Early Vote sites. You will be required to present a current and valid form of identification that includes a photograph and signature, e.g. a Florida Driver License, or two separate forms which together contain this information. Any registered voter may request a ballot in person, by mail, by phone at (321) 633-2127 or online. The deadline for requesting a mail ballot is 5:00 p.m. on the 12th day prior to the election. Mailed ballots must be returned to one of our elections offices by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.

NOTE: Florida Law requires that if the ballot is requested to be mailed to an address other than the elector’s address on file in the Florida Voter Registration System, the request must be made in writing, signed by the elector, and delivered to the Supervisor of Elections office. (F.S.101.62)

Can I be a Poll Worker if I am under the Florida Retirement System (FRS)?

If you retired from an FRS employer less than one year ago, working as a Poll Worker may jeopardize your FRS pension. Contact the FRS Bureau of Enrollment and Contributions at 1-866-446-9377 to verify how working as a Poll Worker will affect your FRS benefits.

Returning for Future Elections

Once you have worked at the polls on Election Day, your poll worker record will remain active, and you will not have to reapply to be a poll worker for future elections.  However, training is mandatory for all poll workers prior to each election.

To confirm that you are still active in our poll worker database, please call 321-428-4968 or email

Are there any other important things I need to know about serving as a Poll Worker?

  • Poll Workers are not guaranteed to work every election and may not necessarily work in their home precinct. Poll Workers serve at the will of the Supervisor of Elections. Poll Workers must be able to deal patiently and courteously with the public and with co-workers.
  • Poll Worker assignments are based on experience, political party balance, and your availability to work in prior elections.
  • Poll Workers are NOT allowed to smoke inside the polling place or within the view of the voters, and restrictions apply outside at some polling places. Smoking breaks must be approved and scheduled with the Precinct Clerk.
  • Poll Workers must have their own transportation to training class and to the polls at 5:30 a.m. on Election Day.
  • Like any other job, current contact information is required in order to place you in a position. We require Poll Workers to notify us of any changes to their name, address, email address or phone number.
  • Poll Workers are an extension of the Supervisor of Elections Office. Our office is a nonpartisan office. It is strictly prohibited to provide information, advice, or comments about the candidates and issues while serving as a Poll Worker.
  • Poll Workers are asked to wear comfortable, casual business attire. Poll Workers shall not wear any jewelry, buttons, T-shirts, pins, etc. that suggest political party affiliation or promote a candidate or any issue on the ballot. The voters depend on Poll Workers to conduct the election fairly and without bias.
  • Poll Workers are not allowed to eat, drink, read the newspaper, etc., while performing their duties. These things may be done on scheduled breaks and outside the view of the voters. Remember, we are customer service representatives. Election Day is about the voter, and we must conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

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