Request a Public Records Exemption

The following categories of voters are eligible to have their residence address and phone number exempted from disclosure under section 119.071(4)(d) of the Florida Statutes:

  • Code Enforcement Officer
  • Dept. of Business and Prof. Reg. investigators and inspectors
  • Dept. of Children and Family Services personnel whose duties involve investigation of abuse, neglect, exploitation, fraud, theft, or other criminal activities
  • Dept. of Health personnel whose duties support the investigations of child abuse or neglect
  • Dept. of Health personnel whose duties include, or result in, the determination/adjudication of eligibility for social security disability benefits, investigation/ prosecution of complaints filed against health care practitioners, or inspection of health care practitioners or health care facilities licensed by the Dept. of Health
  • Dept. of Financial Services personnel whose duties include the investigation of fraud, theft, workers’ compensation coverage requirements and compliance, other related criminal activities, or state regulatory requirement violations
  • Dept. of Revenue personnel or local government personnel whose duties include revenue collection and enforcement or child support enforcement.
  • Emergency medical technicians or paramedics certified under chapter 401, F.S.
  • Firefighter certified in compliance with s. 633.408, F.S.
  • Guardian ad litem as defined in s. 39.820, F.S.
  • Human resource, labor relations, or employee relations director; assistant director, manager, or assistant manager of any local government agency or water management district whose duties include hiring and firing employees, labor contract negotiation, administration, or other personnel-related duties.
  • Impaired practitioner consultant, retained by an agency, whose duties result in determination of person’s skill and safety to practice licensed profession (includes consultant’s employees)
  • Justice of Florida Supreme Court; or judge of district court of appeal, circuit court, or county court
  • County Tax Collector
  • Inspector general or internal audit dept. personnel whose duties include auditing/investigating waste, fraud, abuse, theft, exploitation, or activities that could lead to criminal prosecution or admin. discipline
  • Judicial or quasi-judicial officer (general/special magistrate, judge of compensation claims, administrative law judge of the Div. of Admin. Hearings, and child support enforcement hearing officer)
  • Juvenile probation officers, juvenile probation supervisors, detention superintendents, assistant detention superintendents, juvenile justice detention officers I/II, juvenile justice detention officer supervisors, juvenile justice residential officers, juvenile justice residential officer supervisors I II, juvenile justice counselors, juvenile justice counselor supervisors, human services counselor administrators, senior human services counselor administrators, rehabilitation therapists, and social services counselors of the Dept. of Juvenile Justice
  • Law enforcement personnel, including civilian personnel, correctional officers and correctional probation officers
  • Prosecutor (state attorney, assistant state attorney, statewide prosecutor, assistant statewide prosecutor)
  • Public defenders and criminal conflict and civil regional counsel (includes assistant public defenders, assistant criminal conflict and assistant civil regional counsel)
  • U.S. Attorney or Assistant U.S. Attorney, U.S. circuit judge, U.S district judge, or U.S. magistrate judge


The following category of voters are eligible to have their residence address and phone number exempted from disclosure under Section 119.071(2)(j)(1) of the Florida Statutes (this information ceases to be exempt five years after the receipt of the written request):

  • Victims of sexual battery, aggravated child abuse, aggravated stalking, harassment, aggravated battery, or domestic violence; the voter must include official verification that an applicable crime has occurred


The following category of voters are eligible to have their entire registration record protected from disclosure under Section 741.465(2) of the Florida Statutes:

  • Program participants in the Address Confidentiality Program for Victims of Domestic Violence held by the Office of the Attorney General; the voter must attach a copy of their certificate of participation from Attorney General and that must be renewed every four years


If you fit any of the above categories and wish to protect your information from disclosure, download a request for public records exemption form and mail the completed form to:

Brevard County Supervisor of Elections
PO Box 410819
Melbourne, FL 32941-0819

321-290-VOTE (8683)
1-833-803-0613 (Spanish - Toll Free)

400 South Street
Titusville, FL 32780

2725 Judge Fran
Jamieson Way
Viera, FL 32940

1515 Sarno Road
Melbourne, FL 32935

Palm Bay
450 Cogan Drive SE
Palm Bay, FL 32909