Update Your Voter Registration

Update Your Name

Update Your Name Online

You can submit changes to your name by filling out a Florida Voter Registration Application, which is available at the above link, or at any of these locations. If you cannot obtain a registration form, contact us and we can send you a form by mail. Mark the Record Update/Change box on the registration form and indicate your previous name in the appropriate place. Also be sure that you sign the form with your new name, not your old one.

Update Your Address

Florida Online Voter Registration System

If you are moving from one address to another within Brevard County, or from any Florida county into Brevard County, you may use the Florida Online Voter Registration system to make changes or contact us in person or by phone. When requesting an address change please give us your full name, registration number (if available), date of birth, Florida Driver License number or Florida ID or last four of your Social Security number, old residence address, old mailing address (if different from the residence address), new residence address and new mailing address (if different from the residence address), and your signature (if in writing). This information will assure that we update the correct registration record. New voter information cards will be mailed to you a few days after we receive your address change request.

You may also use a Florida Voter Registration Application or other signed written notice to submit your address change. The Voter Registration Application is available online, or at any of these locations.

Section 101.045(1) of the Florida Statutes requires that you register and vote in the precinct of your legal residence. However, if you are registered to vote in Brevard County but are temporarily residing outside of the county with no local address, you may be able to maintain your registration here as long as you are not registered to vote anywhere else. The section states:

"...a person temporarily residing outside the county shall be registered in the precinct in which the main office of the supervisor [of elections], as designated by the supervisor, is located when the person has no permanent address in the county and it is the person's intention to remain a resident of Florida and of the county in which he or she is registered to vote."

If this applies to you, contact us so that we can change your residence address to the courthouse precinct and your mailing address to your temporary address outside of the county.

Update Your Party Affiliation

Update Your Party Affiliation 

Your party affiliation can be changed to any political party registered with the Secretary of State's Office, or to no party. A listing of and contact information for all recognized political parties in the state can be found on the Division of Elections web site. For information about parties' local organizations, see our local political parties page.

You can change your party affiliation at any time, but if you change it when the registration books are closed for a primary election (within 29 days of the election), the change will not take effect until after the election. To change your party affiliation, mark the Record Update/Change box on the registration form and check or write in the party to which you are changing your affiliation. Please be sure to sign the registration form.

Florida is a closed primary state. This means that in partisan primary elections, you can only vote in races of the party in which you are registered. Thus, if you are not registered in a party that has primary races on the ballot, you can only vote on any nonpartisan offices or questions in a primary election, except if candidates from only one political party qualify for an office, that primary becomes a "Universal Primary" and all voters become eligible to vote for that primary race. All registered voters can vote on all offices in a General Election, regardless of party affiliation.

Update Your Signature

In the process of verifying petition signatures and receiving Vote-by-Mail ballots, the signature on the petition or ballot envelope is compared to a voter's signature on the most recent voter registration form received from that voter. If the signatures do not match, then the petition or Vote-by-Mail ballot is rejected and the voter is contacted to provide a new signature. If a long period of time has passed, or if your signature has changed markedly, since you last registered to vote or submitted a change to your registration, please fill out and submit a Florida Voter Registration Application available online, or at any of these locations. Mark the "Record Update" block on the application. Signatures used to validate Vote-by-Mail or provisional ballots must be updated prior to the elections office receiving your ballot.

Order a Replacement Card

Order a Replacement Card 

NOTE: Florida Law now requires your signature if you request a replacement Voter Information Card.

Need Assistance at the Polls?

Request Assistance at the Polls 

Cancel Your Voter Registration

Cancellation Form in English | Cancellation Form in Spanish

To remove a deceased voter from the rolls, a copy of a death certificate is required, which can be provided by a relative (spouse, daughter, son, etc.). If the voter is registered to vote in Brevard County, please send a copy of the death certificate by:

Mail: PO Box 410819, Melbourne, FL 32941-0819
Fax: 321-633-2130

321-290-VOTE (8683)
1-833-803-0613 (Spanish - Toll Free)

400 South Street
Titusville, FL 32780

2725 Judge Fran
Jamieson Way
Viera, FL 32940

1515 Sarno Road
Melbourne, FL 32935

Palm Bay
450 Cogan Drive SE
Palm Bay, FL 32909