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Mail Ballot Myths Debunked

When are they counted?
  • Per Florida Statute, on the 22nd day before the election, we may begin processing mail ballots using electronic tabulating equipment. However, no results are released until after polls are closed on Election Day. 
USPS recommendations on sending ballot:
  • The USPS has recommended you should anticipate a minimum of 8 days return delivery time for your voted mail ballot to reach this office.
    • Should you wish to return your voted mail ballot in person, you may drop it off in one of the secure drop boxes at any Election Administrative Office or any Early Voting site (during the Early Voting period). 
    • Additionally, and new this year, secure drop boxes are located at all four Administrative Offices for voters who wish to return election related materials.
    • Postage is not necessary if a mail ballot is returned in a drop box.
    • Locations can be found on VoteBrevard.gov
  • Per Florida Statute, mail ballots must be returned to the Supervisor of Elections office by 7pm on Election Day - a postmark isn't sufficient. 
Cost of postage to send back mail ballot?
  • The USPS has verified the required postage cost to return your voted mail ballot for the 2020 General Election is: 70¢
How do I know if you have received my ballot?
  • Your mail ballot can be tracked through the entire process on VoteBrevard.gov - you’ll know the day we received your mail ballot request, the day your ballot is mailed to you, and the day your mail ballot is received back in our office.
    • It typically shows as “received” on VoteBrevard.gov within one business day of being returned but won’t show as “counted” until after Election Day.
I forgot to mail my secrecy sleeve with my mail ballot, will it still count?
  • There is a folded piece of paper in your vote by mail packet labeled “secrecy sleeve” that has instructions printed on it for completing and returning your ballot. When you are ready to mail your ballot, you can place it inside this secrecy sleeve for added security. However, using the sleeve is not required. If you have returned your ballot without the secrecy sleeve, your ballot will be processed the same.
Do mail ballots get counted?
  • Yes, mail ballots are the first ballots opened and canvassed for each election. The first results you see displayed election night on VoteBrevard.gov are votes cast by mail and during early voting.